AMMA is an international interdisciplinary programme dealing with the West African Monsoon, its variability and its impacts on communities in the region.


4th International AMMA Conference
2 - 6 July 2012, Toulouse, France

2nd annnouncement and call for abstracts

The Scientific Committee invites researchers working on West African monsoon processes, predictability and climate change issues as well as society-environment-climate interactions to submit abstracts for oral presentation and poster.

Abstracts can be submitted online between 27th January and 11th March 2012 on the conference website:


See also the 2nd announcement flyer
and AMMA international conferences.

To pilot the second phase of AMMA, membership of ISSC has been revised, other members (in particular from Africa) will joined ISSC in 2012.

To get the ISSC composition, click here

First announcement of joined meetings of Tropical Atlantic Variability and PIRATA-17,

10-14th September 2012, Kiel, Germany

More details in the announcement

PDF - 560.7 kb

4th AMMA International Conference

2nd-6th July 2012, Toulouse, France

Following the 2nd International Science Plan (download here),(1), the conference will be organized around 3 interacting themes:

(1) Society, Environment and Climate Interactions

(2) Weather, Seasonal and Climate Predictability and Prediction

(3) The Monsoon System

Sessions will include discussions related to:

*the ways to ensure that the AMMA knowledge is used to develop and enhance products and tools to support the development of African nations
*current and future AMMA research initiatives
*sustained observations in the West African region and their links with other regional efforts (e.g. GEOSS, SECAO, PIRATA, etc), as well as current, planned and proposed field campaigns


For details see announcement

PDF - 62 kb

Further information about the conference, abstract submission and registration will be communicated later on the present site

Oceanic cruises going on (May-June 2011

Following outcomes from the workshop (Toulouse, 2009) joined between the AMMA-Ocean, PIRATA et TACE programmes and the International Science Plan AMMA Phase 2, two oceanic cruises are underway in the tropical Atlantic: a french cruise in the PIRATA framework organised by IRD, and a german cruise in the TACE framework organised by the IFM-GEOMAR.
These cruises have been designed in May-June in order to better understand the processes occurring just before and during setting up of equatorial upwelling and cold tongue in the Gulf of Guinea. Gliders operating from 2 ships are making measurements from the surface down to 1000m in the equatorial band at various longitudes (20°W, 16°30’W, 14°W, 10°W et 0°E).
1) Report from the Toulouse workshop in 2009
2) target="_blank"> The PIRATA cruise in live !!!
3) target="_blank"> The TACE programme

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Jean-Luc Redelsperger and Thierry Lebel
Silver Medal of CNRS
for their work in AMMA programme

Wednesday, March 2, 2011, Jean-Luc Redelsperger and Thierry Lebel have received the 2010 Silver Medal of CNRS for the originality, quality and importance of their work within the framework of AMMA.

The AMMA scientific plan 2010-2020
is online

The International Scientific Plan for AMMA II is here.
Find the executive summary in English ici.

AMMA’s new bibliographic database

The bibliographic database currently contains more than 650 registered references submitted to a peer-reviewed journals, 120 PhD thesis and communications. Updated in 2010, the database gather the knowledge gained about the African monsoon over the past 10 years with AMMA Program.

AMMA Publications


Workshop AMMA France
Meteo-France International conference centre
Toulouse, from 3 to 5 November 2010

Since the 3rd international conference at Ouagadougou in July 2009, AMMA’s activities continued through different projects. We propose to the community to meet each other at a workshop based on the scientific activity on going and the preparation of projects.
You should consult conference presentation here

AMMA International Newsletter N°10
May 2010

Last AMMA International Newsletter May 2010
Special issue on training in AMMA with a
theses supplement

The last Newsletters... and Informative mails

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An article in SciDev.Net has been published the 5th of May 2010 after the diffusion of the International Science Plan AMMA 2 : An international project that studies the West African monsoon will refocus its work to prioritise climate change and to benefit local people...
read the story

You will find here the last AMMA publications as the QJRMS Special Issue or the Journal of hydrology special issue...

3rd International AMMA Conference

The 3rd International AMMA Conference took place from 20th to 24th July 2009 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
the abstract book and the Conference presentation
presented during the conference.
The 9th AMMA International Newsletter presents the session’s abstracts.

African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses
Analyses Multidisciplinaires de la Mousson Africaine
Afrikanischer Monsun : Multidisziplinäre Analysen
Analisi Multidisciplinare per il Monsone Africano
Afrikanske Monsun : Multidisiplinaere Analyser
Analisis Multidiciplinar de los Monzones Africanos
Afrikaanse Moesson Multidisplinare Analyse

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