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To know more about AMMA

General documents give an overview of the project, consult:

- Some keys to understand AMMA

When the AMMA project started, the scientists writed a science plan to underline the scientific needs.

- The International Science Plan for AMMA

This next document is a detailed description of the observing strategy and related actions carried out to fulfil the scientific objectives of the AMMA international program, as given in the AMMA International Science Plan:

- The International Implementation Plan

Some article described in details the AMMA project:

- African Monsoon Multidisciplinarity Analyses, An International Research Project and Field Campaign
BY J.L. Redelsperger, C.D. Thorncroft, A. Diedhiou, T. Lebel, D.J. Parker and J. Polcher
American Méteorological Society, BAMS, December 2006

More documents for all available in French

And to better understand AMMA, consult the scientific documents of AMMA.

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