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A multi-scale strategy

To address the issue of multiple sacles that characterize the African Monsoon, the AMMA programme is structured arond the 4 interacting spatial scales.

Specific in situ observations, satellite products and models are dedicated to the study of each of these scales.

AMMA emphasizes the importance of improved understanding of how these scales interact and combine to characterize the WAM and its variability, including how these interactions impact sources and transport of water vapour, aerosol and key chemical species (e.g. key greenhouse gases, ozone and aerosol precursors) in the West African region and globally.
Modelling will be the main tool which will be used to integrate the scales.

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Multiscale observations are performed by the AMMA programme.
The experimental design is based on:

- 3 nested observation periods SOP, EOP, LOP

- 4 domains region: mesoscale sites, super-sites, intensive local site.

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