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The geophysical perspective

Process Studies and Scale Integration

To improve the forecasting of the African monsoon from weather to climatic scales a sound disciplinary knowledge of the processes and their scale dependence is needed.

With the intensive field campaign, AMMA will provide the data needed to test hypotheses on tropical weather systems, their interaction with large scale dynamics, aerosol processes and their role in chemical transports.
The observations over the continents and oceans will help to advance our understanding of the links between hydrological and biological processes over land and the air-sea interactions over the tropical Atlantic ocean.

Scheme Integrative science

Integrative Science

Towards achieving improved seasonal-to-interannual predictions our knowledge of the interactions between the monsoon and the slower and larger scale components of the climate system must be advanced.

The monitoring of the water cycle put into place within AMMA will lay the grounds for improving our understanding of the characteristics of the inter-annual rainfall variability.
This will help assess predictive skill held in the slow evolution of sea surface temperatures and/or land-surface states.

A deeper multidisciplinary understanding of the interactions between the monsoon and the global climate from a physical as well as a chemical perspective will increase our confidence in the predicted climate change over the region.

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