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The tools

The tools available

A set of too es avalaible to be use in an evnt all public like in a museum of sciences or in college.

Do not hesitate to contact us at amma.com@amma-int.org !

The tools:

- L’exhibition about the West African Monsoon « Sous la mousson, des Hommes... »

- Two films : "La Calebasse et le pluviomètre" de Marcel Dalaise (CNRS images/IRD/CSI/Ifremer/Méteo-France) and "Au cœur de la Mousson Africaine" réalisation Météo-France

- A photos exhibition : « les chercheurs sur le terrain » et « phénomènes météorologiques »

- A power point of photos explaining the monsoon and details about AMMA measures campaigns

- Leaflet about the exhibition

- Leaflet of explanation of the monsoon

- Postals cards (upon availability)

- Instruments of measurement used in AMMA campaigns (upon availability)

- Help for presnt the exhibition by a guide

Exhibition: "Sous la mousson, des Hommes"

The African monsoon is a vital rainy source in the regions of Sahel. On average annual, the precipitation in Niamey are the same that in Paris but all the water falls in 4 months. The agriculture is thus possible only around this rainy season. It also plays an important role on the scale of the globe. Western Africa, one of the main sources of heat in the continental scale(ladder), influences the global atmospheric circulation. This region is also a considerable source of particles of sprays which, transported on long distances, have impacts on the global change of the climate. Now for thirty years, western Africa is struck by an aridity of a scale and of unprecedented duration in XX ème century. At the origin of this major crisis, disturbances of the African monsoon...

Watch the exhibiton en pdf en cliquant ici

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