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Meeting storyteller and a researcher
about the West African Monsoon

From 1st to 17 OCTOBER: Exhibition : Sous la mousson, des Hommes…
- Where is the science ? A exhibition about the monsoon, why/how…
- Memories on field: a photo-quiz exhibition : Funny work, researcher ?
- Materiel of research: mesures instruments, leaflet, Flyers, photos of sand cristal, notebook…
Everyday 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h

LES 9, 10 AND 16 OCTOBER (ALL PUBLIC from 16h to 18h)
6, 7, 8, 14 AND 15 OCTOBER (SCHOOL)

Africa passes the memory of peoples through stories, memories of the monsoon in Africa. A research paper is one more brick in the work of scientists sent to scientists, researchers thousands of memories. A storyteller of West Africa tell a story related to the monsoon and a researcher, based on images of the story, tell the weather phenomenon. A single memory result of their encounter.

151 route de Blagnac
31200 Toulouse (quartier des 7 deniers)

- Tel : 05 34 51 34 66
Fax : 05 61 42 82 61
email : contact@theatre2lacte.com
- How to come : cars : On the Ring take the exit n 30 Sept deniers – parking at 50m - Take the slip road on the right at the traffic circle, road Roques, parking on the left.
Bus : N16 ou 71, Station Roques.
Bike : By the canal bank of Garonne – 15 minutes from the bridge of Catalans

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