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AMMA Press release 2005

Press release
2 december 2005 :
First appraisal of AMMA program about the African monsoon

The first international AMMA conference will take place from november 28 to december 2nd 2005 in Dakar. Over 250 scientifics are expected. This is to make an appraisal of the campaign 2005 and book the program for 2006. During 5 days, scientifcs sessions will make a resume of the knowledge about the african monsoon and the progress AMMA made in this domain

Press release

Press conference
Friday 18 february 2005:
International mobilization for the african monsoon

During the last 30 years, the sahalian africa knew the biggest dryness of the XXe century. Despite the number of studies about the monsoon, the climate predictions in Africa, at the seasonal scale stay difficult. More over in that globe area the global warming may have important repercutions on the life style of the population. That why it’s crucial to improve the predictions

More that 60 laboratories, europeans, african and americans participate in AMMA program (African Monsoon and Multidisciplinary Analyses) created by french researchers. AMMA wil be able to know more about the variability of the african monsoon, a journaly scale, by season, and interannuals, as the impact on the health, the agricultural ressources and water ressources. Improved global climate models and weather is also expected. Significant resources will be mobilized (planes, ships, balloons, radiosondes, ground stations, satellites, modeling).

To celebrate the launch, in Paris on 17 and 18 February 2005, in association with the Ministry of Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union, French organizations involved (ICNRS / INSU, IRD, IFREMER , Meteo-France, CNES) will be the presentation of AMMA.

Press release

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