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International Governing Board (IGB)

The IGB is in charge of the institutional governance of AMMA. The IGB carries the final responsibility for the implementation of the AMMA Programme. It is responsible for approving the structure and implementation of AMMA, particularly with respect to the necessary financial and technical support. It is also responsible for identifying and mobilizing national and international resources (financial, technical and human) to support AMMA activities. Members include representatives from the main funding agencies along with other stakeholders in AMMA.

International Scientific Steering Committee (ISSC)

The ISSC, under the control of the IGB, coordinates the AMMA science. The ISSC is responsible for the formulation of objectives and of a coherent scientific program for AMMA. The ISSC will ensure the scientific integrity and coherency of the scientific objectives of AMMA and the fulfillment of the three overarching aims.

See the 2nd International Science Plan for more details on ISSC responsabilities. To pilot the second phase of AMMA, a new ISSC has been formed in 2011 and will be completed in early 2012

Country Name Responsabilities related to AMMA
Nigeria Ernest Afiesimama CSAM, AMMANET
France Aaron Boone ALMIP2, WAMME2, GLASS
Germany Peter Brandt CLIVAR-Atlantic, TACE
Ghana Sylvester Danuor CSAM
France Arona Diedhiou RIPIECSA, AMMANET
Senegal Aida N’Daye-Diongue Africa-THORPEX, CSAM
France Serge Janicot AMMA France
African Regional Center Mohamed Kadi CLIMDEV, VigiRisC
Ivory Coast Abdourahamane Konare IGAC, CORDEX, CSAM
France Thierry Lebel AMMA-CATCH, LOP
UK Doug Parker AMMA in UK
France Jean-Luc Redelsperger AMMA-International
France Benjamin Sultan ESCAPE
USA Chris Thorncroft AMMA in US
UK Richard Washington CLIVAR-VACS, FENNEC

International Implementation and Coordination Group (ICIG)

The ICIG was in charge of managing the instrumental deployment of AMMA. The ICIG was responsible for the implementation of the multi-year field campaign and to ensure a real coherency and good coordination of all the field work scheduled by each of the various AMMA components. It was under the control of the ISSC to ensure the scientific needs of the AMMA programme. After an intense activity up to 2007, the ICIG stops to be formally active.

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