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Working groups

Working groups of AMMA

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The scientific coordination is structured by 5 working groups (WGs)
representing 5 integratives sciences themes central to the aims of AMMA:

- WG1 West African monsoon and global climate

- WG2 Water cycle

- WG3 Surface - atmosphere feedbacks

- WG4 Prediction of climate impacts

- WG5 High impact weather prediction and predictability

- CC1 Climate modelling (evaluation and improvement)

- CC2 Long Term Observations (EOP 2007, LOP and satellite products)

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Task teams and Support teams

In order to run out field observations, AMMA was structured in Task Team (TT) and Supports Team (ST), defined around a strategic observations working with a set of instruments.
The task team are collaboring with scientific groups established by the ISSC, national projects, pan-project composing AMMA.

- TT1 Sonding atmosphere

- TT2a EOP Surface flux

- TT2b EOP/LOP Radiation and observations of aerosol

- TT3 EOP Integratives studies in-situ mesoscale of Gourma (Mali)

- TT4 EOP Integratives studies in-situ nigerian mesoscale

- TT5 EOP Integratives studies in-situ mesoscales of Oueme

- TT6 Campaigns and Oceanics measurements in offshore (EOP et SOP)

- TT7 Caracterisation of aerosols during the dry season and analysis of their radiations impacts (SOP 0)

- TT8 SOP Monsoon onset (SOP1 et SOP2)

- TT9 SOP Late monsoon (SOP 3)

- ST1 EOP Logistic

- ST2 SOP Logistic

- ST3 Data base

- ST4 AMMA Formation and Supports team of Capacity building

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